• We Had, We Shared

    … Story.sg: “Mr. Tan, you’ve seen Singapore transform over the decades. Can you share a bit about how life was and how you’ve adapted through the years?” Mr. Tan: “Ah, my dear, Singapore has changed in ways I could have never imagined. When I was a boy, this place was just a collection of kampongs…

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  • The Guiding Light

    … Sarah: “I wouldn’t wish that to anyone, yet it’s one that has taught me something. When we first learned of Emily’s illness, it felt like the ground beneath us had given way. Cancer is a reality that hits you hard and fast, and it’s relentless.” Story.sg: “How did you find the strength to face…

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  • Tough Teacher

    … Ava: “It’s… it was like holding a mirror to my soul, revealing facets I never knew existed. Love, in its unrequited form, is a tough teacher; it’s painstaking yet profoundly instructive.” Story.sg: “Is there a particular moment, where the emotions were the strongest?” Ava: “Oh, indeed. There was that evening, under the glow of…

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