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Join Us in Capturing the Heart of Singapore!

Your interviewing and editing skills can help bring these stories to life and showcase the diverse experiences that define our nation.

Become a Storyteller with Us

Interview Singaporeans:

Engage with individuals from various walks of life, exploring their unique journeys, challenges, and triumphs. Your interviews will be the foundation for stories that resonate with and inspire our audience.

Craft Compelling Narratives:

Use your editing prowess to shape raw interviews into compelling narratives. Help us create content that not only informs but also touches hearts.

How to Collaborate

1. Express Interest

Fill out the interest form below, detailing your background, expertise, and why you’re passionate about this project.

2. Portfolio Submission

Share samples of your work, highlighting your experience in storytelling, interviewing, and editing.

3. Onboarding Process

Selected journalists will be contacted for an orientation session to align on objectives, guidelines, and storytelling ethics.

Why Join

Make an Impact: Your work will contribute to a broader understanding of Singapore’s cultural and social landscape, fostering community and national pride.

Showcase Your Talent: Gain exposure and recognition for your work on a platform dedicated to meaningful stories.

Be Part of Our Community: Join a team committed to quality, integrity, and the power of storytelling to effect change.


Will you connect me with those who want to share their stories?
Yes, we will facilitate the process by organizing interviews or providing you with materials to edit. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that journalists have access to compelling content and are supported throughout the storytelling process.

Will I be paid for interviewing or editing?
No, there is no financial compensation for interviewing or editing. However, you will be credited and promoted as a member of our editorial team. Your work is an invaluable addition to the narrative of our nation, and we recognize and celebrate your contribution through exposure and acknowledgment within our community and networks.

What are the workload and deadlines?
You are encouraged to process as many stories as you are comfortable with, allowing you to work at your own pace. We value quality and commitment, expecting each journalist to complete at least one story per month to maintain a steady flow of content and ensure ongoing engagement with our audience.

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