Tough Teacher

Ava: “It’s… it was like holding a mirror to my soul, revealing facets I never knew existed. Love, in its unrequited form, is a tough teacher; it’s painstaking yet profoundly instructive.” “Is there a particular moment, where the emotions were the strongest?”

Ava: “Oh, indeed. There was that evening, under the glow of the setting sun, when the world seemed to stand still. I confessed my feelings, heart laid bare, hope fluttering like wing in the storm. His silence, though, it cut through the din of my anticipation, a stark echo of reality.” “How did you navigate through that?”

Ava: “Navigate? More like stumbling, really, through ‘what-ifs’ and ‘if-onlys.’ It’s where you’re the lone traveler on a path with the debris of dreams. I cried… Yet, a sprout of reality begins to take root, watered by the very tears of disillusionment.” “That tough teacher you mentioned, what did he teach you?”

Ava: “Unshared love, it’s the universe’s paradox, tenderly cruel in its lessons. It teaches you about the boundless capacity of the human heart, the strength in vulnerability… the bitter-sweet symphony of letting go… It took me almost a year to let it go. It’s about cherishing the love you hold for yourself and preserving your heart for someone who deserves it.”